About Greg

A born and bred Newfoundlander, I have always looked at my province with a different set of eyes than most people, seeing the beauty in most things people walk past every day without stopping to notice. I've often been asked by friends "What are ya lookin' at?" only to realize I was staring at something that caught my eye that I knew they didn't even notice.

My fascination with the camera and photography began when I received my first camera as a child; maybe 10 or 11 years old. I remember taking the film out and learning how all the mechanics worked, firing the flash hundreds of times just to watch it go off and taking pictures of the most random things. Back then you had no idea how the pictures looked until they were developed and I couldn't wait to pick up my pictures every couple of weeks. I'm sure my parents spent a fortune on film those days. I should probably pay them back sometime, or not. :-)  Over the years I have taken thousands of pictures and I am always trying to learn no things or improve my techniques.