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Whether it's your engagement, graduation, or just Friday afternoon, there is always a time to capture your memories.  We take a lot of photos on or phone these days but there is just something special abut having a large beautiful portrait hanging on your wall.  So those time we offer a variety of portrait and event sessions.

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What is involved in a Session?

Before the session begins we will coordinate with you to plan the type of shot and location to ensure you have a unique piece of art for your home.  We offer a variety of sessions including a studio style shoot with a plain background, an environmental shoot either in your home or an outside location, or our popular sunset shoot.  Also in 2018 we will also be launching a new night sky portrait session.

Photo sessions are generally 60-90 minutes in length.  this allows time to shoot a variety of different looks, angles, and lighting schemes to ensure we have plenty to choose from 

Following the session you will be provided with a personal online proofing gallery where you can choose which images you want printed to hang on your wall and order directly from the gallery. 

In-home studio style session on a gel coloured background

In-home studio style session on a gel coloured background

What type of art products do you offer?

We currently offer three types of products that you can display on your wall.

Brushed Aluminum Metal Prints

Our metal prints are our highest quality and most popular product.  The image is printed directly onto a sheet of brushed aluminum and then coated with a high gloss scratch resistant coating.  The metal is then mounted onto a 1 inch thick backing that lifts the print off of you wall to give it a floating look.  These prints come ready to hang and do not need to be framed.  

Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Another popular item is our gallery wrapped canvas.  Images are printed on a high quality canvas and stretched over a wooden frame and comes ready to hang.  Canvas prints are less glossy than our metal prints but still maintain the vibrant colours and detail.

Unframed Fine Art Matte Paper Prints

Our third option to have your art printed on fine art photo paper.  This option is best if you want to choose your own framing options to display your work.  Images are printed on quality fine art paper with a matte finish.  There is no gloss or reflection on the paper and is ideally framed without glass for a professional portrait feel.  

How much are your sessions?

We currently offer three different types of sessions:   *Please note the session fee does not include the cost of prints.

Sunrise/Sunset Session - $250

Our sunrise/Sunset session is our premium service.  We determine a location and time to include the sunset and colourful dusk sky in your images.  As mother nature plays a role in these type of shoots, your session may have to be rescheduled to ensure the best images.  When booking we will schedule a primary and backup date, and if necessary we will book additional dates until we can hold the session. 

In home studio style session - $200

On location session at Cape Spear

On location session at Cape Spear

We will come to your home, set up the proper lighting to capture you or your family in  you own home or yard.   If you want a plain white, black or grey background we can also bring a portable background for an additional $25 fee.  

On-location Environmental Session - $150

This is our basic package that where we photograph you or your family outside in natural light at a scenic location in the city such as Bowring park. 

Print Prices

In addition to the session fee there will be an additional cost for any prints or other product you wish to order.  These prices vary on they type and size of product you wish to order.  A compete list of prices can be found by clicking here.  


Event Photography

For special personal events such as birthday parties, family reunions, and similar type events we offer a special package.  $200 per hour of event shooting and you will be given a full gallery of medium resolution files to save, share, or print as you wish.  Medium resolution files can be printed up to 8x10 without any loss in quality.  If you want a larger print you can order one from us at an additional charge.

Graduation On-Location Session

Graduation On-Location Session

What about digital files that I can print myself?

Nothing compares to a high quality print hanging on your wall. We believe if you are going to have professional photos done then the images should be printed and hung on your wall so that they last a lifetime.  By ordering your print from us we ensure the colour accuracy and high quality product that your photo deserves.  We use a local professional printing lab that we trust will do the best possible job on your pictures and you will be proud to display them in your home.    Using cheaper, box stores to print photos reduces the quality and the colours are not always accurate, as such, with the exception of event sessions,  we do not provide high resolution digital files to get printed elsewhere.  

But, we also recognize in today's digital world that you may want to share your pictures online with friends and family though social media.  So any image that you purchase a print for we will provide a low resolution watermarked image for your social media use.    If you choose not to order any prints, we also offer a set of 6 low resolution and watermarked digital files,  optimized to look their best on the web for your social media use only, for an additional fee of $100. Additional images can be purchased for $20 each.  

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On Location Cnvocation Session

On Location Cnvocation Session

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A screech-in from a family event session

A screech-in from a family event session