Wedding Photography

Hey congrats on your engagement.  Now the fun begins of finding a wedding photographer.  Choosing the perfect person to capture your special day can be stressful, you need to make sure you have a competent, qualified, and experienced professional.  I get asked on a regular basis how much I charge for weddings.  So let's get that out of the way first.   My starting rate for a wedding is $10,000.   What?  That has to be a typo right?  $10,000 for a wedding?   I can assure you that is no typo.   So why so much?   That's crazy.   Honestly, I charge that much because I  am not a wedding photographer.  It's not where my interests lie, and I have very little experience with weddings, and no real desire to shoot weddings.  But if for $10,000 I might reconsider it.  :-)

That said I have gotten to know some great wedding photographers in the area, some I have worked very closely with and others I know through their work.  All of them  I can assure you are much more adept at capturing your special day than I am, and will most likely also be quite a bit cheaper than I am.  So take a look at these fine folks for your special day.  And keep me in mind when you want a nice piece of art for above your fireplace or photos of your beloved pet.  


My number #1 recommendation is Darrel Sharpe.  I have worked with Darrell on a few weddings and have admired his work for years before that.   Darrell will make sure you have a fantastic and fun experience, delivering beautiful and unique photos to remember your day.  His website is   


If Darrell doesn't suit your needs here are some other local photographers you may want to consider:

Genine Warren Photography -

Chelsey Lawrence Photography -

Wendy Sheppard Photography -